First and foremost, I ask that you all bear with me as I attempt to get my blog game on. I've never been one to blog but I've come to understand the importance of it and thought it'd be fun to launch along with my website. My blogs will consist of recent work, personal stuff and whatever else I think of. That being said, I've decided to dedicate my first official blog to my all new branding! :) Here is my new logo: 

"When I started working on Perfect Love Photography, the things that stood out were pure joy and light as Rosa captured those precious moments with children and families. These were predominant features of the portfolio, and this warm, summery vibe grew into a brand that truly captures a wholesome, perfect love." - Sarah, Wonderland Graphic Design

Sarah from Wonderland Graphic Design was beyond patient and relentless in helping me arrive at a logo that I both loved aesthetically and that was meaningful to me. So I'm sure you're wondering what the logo is all about. Well here it goes.. 

The colors: Gold was easy - it's just a fabulous color that makes me happy & Peach, well peach is my favorite color... it was my prom dress color, one of my wedding colors and my office has peach splattered all over it (see below) 

love my work area oh so much (compliments of Target, Studio Mucci and lots of TJ Maxx runs)

love my work area oh so much (compliments of Target, Studio Mucci and lots of TJ Maxx runs)

The heart: I wanted to make sure I included the heart somewhere to go with the Perfect Love (1 John 4:18) which continues to play a huge role in my business day after day. 

And finally, the hummingbird. As I sat at my desk brainstorming on what I wanted my logo to consist of, this picture of a bird came to mind and I thought about how birds are constantly moving just like children. So with that in mind, I did some research and along with the help of some friends, found the wonderful hummingbird. The hummingbird generally symbolizes joy & playfulness which I thought was perfect considering my sessions consist of lots of playfulness and joyful moments. As I continued to read on the hummingbird, I found other symbolic meanings for it that I felt fit so perfect with my branding/business like these: 

  • lightness of being/enjoyment of life 

  • being more present 

  • swiftness, ability to respond quickly to changes

  • resiliency, able to keep moving tirelessly 

So pretty much, I fell in love with the hummingbird and brought the idea to Sarah who created the most beautiful hummingbird for me. Overall, I absolutely cannot stress how much I am loving my new logo and branding overall. I'm excited to have a more cohesive look on all of my social media platforms, ads, etc.

I'd love to hear what you think about our new branding/website. Please comment below & sign up for our newsletter to receive future blogs, updates and exciting news! 

Oh and I didn't forget! I promised details on a full session giveaway in this blog, so here it is. To enter, share my blog on your Facebook page and tag Perfect Love Photography as well as 3 friends in the comments. Please make sure your post is on public so that I can see it. A winner will be chosen tomorrow at 2pm or when we hit 2,000 likes on Facebook (whichever comes first). Good luck!!